Primalac LF
Acute diarrhea and lactose intolerance

For babies with diarrhea, flatulence or excess gas production due to a temporary lack of Lactase. This product should be used under medical supervision.

Composition: Lactose-free formula, adequate intake of Zinc, reduced osmolarity.

●Prevents diarrhea perpetuation
●Stimulates the renewal of damaged enterocytes
●Maintains the hydro-electrolyte balance of the gastrointestinal tract
●Improves neurosensory and brain development
●Helps repair and protect the intestinal mucosa
●Strengthens the immune system

Enriched with:
●5 Types of nucleotides

DHA\ARA: Proper brain and vision development

Пребиотики: The formation of a healthy intestinal flora

Nucleotides: Immunity strengthening

Maltodextrin: The possibility of using the mixture for lactase deficiency