Primalac AC

Specially formulated for minor digestive problems such as Colic, cramps and associated crying for infants from birth to 12 months.

Composition: Lactose content reduced by 50%, Casein/Whey = 40/60, Prebiotics (100% GOS).

●Fights against flatulence and bloating
●Stimulates intestinal flora development
●Regulates intestinal transit
●Improves neurosensory and brain development
●Strengthens the immune system

●DHA, ARA: proper brain and vision development
●Prebiotics (100% GOS): healthy intestinal flora
●Nucleotides: stronger immune system
●Reduced Lactose levels: provides easier digestion and eliminates Colic

DHA\ARA: Proper brain and vision development

Prebiotics: The formation of a healthy intestinal flora

Nucleotides: Immunity strengthening

Lactose Reduction: Reduced lactose levels provide easier digestion and elimination of colic